3D Double Jaw orthodontic surgery



It is a corrective surgery which is a solution to severe dissonance between both maxillary bones (the spatula and mandible jaw). It is the world's cutting-edge 3D double jaw surgery technique and it is the latest surgery resulting in little postoperative pain.

Current surgery

2-dimensional black&white radiographic image

Analysis of jawbone and teeth in 1 mm units

Surgical design in 1 mm

Evaluation of surgical results in units of 1 mm

postoperative pain

Difficulty analyzing jawbone, face asymmetry: difficult to fix asymmetry with surgery.

Fixing the jawbone for 2 months after surgery: Difficulties in daily life such as eating and pronunciation during that period

It takes 12 months to complete orthodontic treatment after surgery

Face 3D surgery 

3D color stereoscopic CT image

Analysis of jawbone and teeth in 0.01 mm

Surgical design in 0.01mm

Evaluation of surgical results in 0.01 mm units: much better surgical results

Minimize postoperative pain: 70% to 80% of patients have only mild postoperative pain

Can analyze jawbone and face asymmetry in 0.01 mm: Excellent for solving asymmetric problems

Release jawbone fixation 3 to 4 days after surgery: Return to daily life immediately because you can eat and pronounce 3 to 4 days later

It takes 2 to 3 months to complete orthodontic treatment after surgery


You can even find small abnormalities in the facial bones and teeth.

More precise treatment planning is possible, and treatment results are improved innovatively than traditional 2D. Accurate treatment, comfortable and safe.

World's most advanced 3D binaural surgery, the latest surgery with little postoperative pain. Solution for severe dissonance of both maxillary and mandible bones and spatula jaw. 

Korea's first double jaw surgery correction procedure (cooperation with Seoul National University Hospital). Since 1990 Korea's first biotaxial surgery correction case to be published in an overseas journal. 

*Women: After the age of 17–18 / Men: Possible after the age of 19–20*