Main Purpose

: Improving redness in the skin, rosacea, flushing, and more.

Vbeam is also known as the 'vascular laser' since it is used to treat redness in the skin and vascular lesions. The V-Beam laser helps to remove any type of redness in the skin, whether it is from rosacea, acne hyperpigmentation, general redness, or scarring.

Vbeam laser has a wavelength of 595 nm and the pulses of the laser have a long exposure time. It helps not only with facial flushing and capillary dilatation but also helps to stop the growth of blood vessels in the flame phase of adults and lower extremities, which were not treated well with conventional color lasers.

Red acne scarring can be removed safely. V-Beam is a better alternative than Fraxel for red hyperpigmentation left after acne since it is much less abrasive to the skin.

Vbeam Laser Checklist

This laser is great for people with :

· Regular facial flushing
· Red hyperpigmentation (acne scarring) · Rosacea · Sensitive / redness-prone skin


There is no long downtime after this laser. In case you request the doctor to do the laser to be done in a very strong mode, you might experience bruising. In case of bruising, this will usually clear up by itself within a week but for some cases might take up to two weeks.