Main Purpose

: Lifts and tightens the skin with HIFU (Ultrasound Lifting)

This skin tightening and lifting treatment is great for anyone who wants a non-invasive lifting procedure in Korea without getting a thread lift or resorting to surgery.

This is a non-surgical lifting laser developed in Korea by some of the best doctors. High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) can penetrate two layers of the derma (skin), creating a greater lifting effect. It sends ultrasonic electrical impulses through several skin layers. This laser targets the layer of skin between the fat and the muscle called the SMAS layer. By doing so, your skin creates more collagen and skin cells for the next 2~3 months. This not only tightens your skin but also improves your skin tone and helps to tighten your pores and smooth out any scars. The results are immediate and your skin will feel tighter. Your skin will continue to improve over time as your skin will work very hard to renew the skin cells and collagen from deep within.

Shurink HIFU was developed in Korea as an alternative to the more expensive Ulherapy treatment, which was developed in the USA.

The procedure can be done on your whole face or only in areas that are of concern to you.

Shurink HIFU Checklist

Shurink HIFU is great if you experience :

· Sagging skin
· Lack of collagen · Acne Scarring · Visibly aging skin · Surplus of fat in your double chin and jaw area or under your eyes


There is no visible downtime after this procedure. Slight redness might occur but is rare. Make-up is possible right after the procedure, but please wash it off gently for a couple of days post-procedure. Please moisturize a lot. Final results are seen 3 months after the treatment.