Main Purpose

: Remove the fat that causes bags under the eyes

The Undereye Bag Removal procedure is perfect for patients who experience bulging fat under their eyes, making them look older than they are. We all want to look rested and have smooth under eyes. Unfortunately, genetics decide if we get fat under our eyes or not. Theme Dermatology focuses on removing exactly the right amount of fat, mostly on the outside of your under-eye area. This area determines whether someone looks young and fresh or looks old and tired.

The doctor removes the fat permanently. This is a non-incisional, surgical procedure that delivers permanent results. It is important to have a consultation with the doctor before you undergo this procedure. In some cases, the doctor recommends combining lifting procedures to be done together with under-eye fat removal to improve the sagginess under the eyes as well.

Undereye Bag Removal Checklist

Under Bag Removal is good for people with :

· Collected bags of fat under the eyes
· Tired Appearance


The downtime after this procedure takes about a week. There are no stitches used, but it is recommended to come back for a check-up with the doctor. Swelling and/or bruising might last 1 week or sometimes up to 2 weeks. We recommend staying in Korea for 1 week after the procedure and only getting on a flight at least 7 days after the procedure.