Main Purpose

: Anti-aging, tightening, skin rejuvenating treatment that combines lifting radiofrequency and skin tightening skin boosters.

Double Tite is the newest, revolutionary anti-aging and skin rejuvenating treatment in Korea. Developed by doctors who have been using anti-aging treatments such as Ulthera, Thermage, Rejuran Healer, and more for 20 years+, they came up with a new method of rejuvenating the skin by combining radiofrequency with skin boosters.

Double Tite consists of two steps: radiofrequency energy is used to rejuvenate the skin from deep within while tightening and rejuvenating the skin at the same time using skin boosters. On the face, this means that the face will be lifted, tightened, and more firm. On the body, this will lead to more firmness, elasticity, and tighter skin.

During the second step, a skin booster is injected into the skin with the usage of radiofrequency. The doctor will choose the most adequate skin booster for your case, which will be a selection from either Rejuran Healer (rejuvenation) or Juvelook (volume, moisture, rejuvenation).

The special design of the tip, which is designed to be extra narrow, makes it so that the doctor can perform the treatment exactly in the areas the patient wants to be treated with the highest accuracy.

Double Tite checklist

Double Tite procedure is perfect for you if you want :

· To lift your face and tighten the skin
· The newest anti-aging treatment on the Korean market · To treat large pores, sagginess, and visible aging of the skin · Glowy, moisturized skin · A natural result · To increase the collagen in your skin


For a couple of days after the treatment, your skin might look a little bit red or swollen, which usually disappears within 48/72 hours after the treatment. Please do not visit a spa/sauna, smoke, drink, or exercise for a couple of days after the treatment to allow your skin to fully heal.