Premium Dental Cleaning

Perio Spa Cleaning - Removing harmful bacteria while improving the gums with the revolutionary Perio spa cleaning method

What is Perio Spa?

It is a procedure to effectively target any underlying cause that could lead to periodontal disease. It does so by removing bacteria living inside the periodontal pockets of your teeth with the usage of a two-line hair toothbrush that is special to Perio Spa. Perio Spa also massages the gums, which keeps them healthy by improving blood circulation effectively.

Perio Spa is :

· Less painful and irritating than regular dental cleaning treatments, with almost no noise
· Prevents gum disease by effectively improving blood circulation · Makes the teeth feel much more fresh compared to regular cleaning · Very effective at improving underlying causes that lead to bad breath · Helps to reduce swelling of the gums while improving the firmness of the gums at the same time

Perio Spa is also very effective for elderly patients. The reason is that bacteria in the mouth can be a cause of diseases or ilments in other parts of the body, such as the heart, kidney, and knees. For elderly patients, perio spa cleaning could also help in preventing pneumonia.

About our partner clinic

Doctor In-Chool Park is head doctor at Sangryu Dental Clinic located in Gangnam, Seoul. He is board-certified doctor and member of the American Society for Dental Aesthetics. He received his Ph.D. from Seoul National University Dental School and has worked as clinical professor in Chicago.

Clinic Find Korea works together with Dr. Park because of his outstanding experience and professional care. His qualifications, experience and clinical results put him in the top 1% of best dentists in Korea. You will be assured of great results when you get treated by Dr. Park and his assistants at Sangryu Dental Clinic.