Main Purpose

: Treats broken blood vessels, spider veins, and localized redness.

G-Beam Laser can be used to locally reduce the redness and/or visibility of broken capillaries. There will not be any bruising or swelling after the treatment. The redness is instantly decreased but might come back again. This is why the doctor recommends at least a couple of sessions of this treatment, once every 2~3 weeks, to semi-permanently reduce the visibility of your broken vessels, spider veins, or localized redness.

G-Beam Laser Checklist

G-Beam Laser is great for people with :

· Broken vessels
· Spider Veins · Localized redness


There is no downtime after this procedure. The procedure does not hurt and you can immediately go back to your daily life. Please do not go to a spa, sauna, or swimming pool for a week, and do not drink alcohol or smoke for a few days after the treatment. You can ice the area(s) treated by the doctor after the treatment to prevent any possible slight swelling or bruising.