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Ptosis correction surgery is one of the best surgeries to fix drooping eyelids. It will create a more refreshed appearance, correcting the muscles in the upper eyelid that is responsible for opening the eyes.

Most patients who need ptosis correction have problems opening their eyes fully or cannot open their eyes much without using their forehead muscles together. The surgery will strengthen the eye-opening muscle while making the eyes bigger.

The main part of the eye that the surgeon will work on and improve is called the levator muscle. This component is connected to the tarsus of the upper eyelid. The levator muscle is mainly responsible for elevating the upper eyelid and creating a crease in the eyelid area. When this muscle is weak, your eyes may look more droopy, which makes you look tired.

The doctor will make small incisions in the upper eyelid area and will tighten the levator muscle.The outcome will be natural but defined. Most patients benefit from the incisional method, because the results are natural but permanent.

Incisional Ptosis Correction Surgery Checklist:

· Do you look sleepy or tired all the time?
· Do your eyelids look droopy and asymmetrical? · Do your upper eyelids cover a large part of your irises? · Do you experience any other ptosis symptoms?

Surgery information

Surgery time : 30 minutes ~ 1 hour

Anesthesia : Local anesthesia (injections) - sometimes sedation anesthesia

Downtime : 5-7 days. Stitch out is done 5-7 days after surgery (Recommended to stay at least 7 days in Korea)

Fasting : In case of sedation anesthesia: no food, liquids or gum starting from 6 hours before surgery

Surgery preparations
Please stop taking any non-essential medications and supplements, including but not limited to: Multivitamins, painkillers, Omega 3 Fish Oil, etc.
Please also stop smoking and drinking alcohol starting a couple of days before your surgery.

After 1 month, 90% of the swelling and bruising will have disappeared. The remaining swelling will go down over the course of the next 2~6 months.

Follow-up appointments
1 or 2 check-ups

Recovery Time

  • Week 1
    You might experience slight bruising and
    swelling for the first couple of days.
    You cannot wear contact lenses but have to wear
    glasses for at least the first 2 weeks.
    Your stitches will be removed after 5-7 days.

  • Week 3 ~ 4
    Most bruising and swelling will have gone down and
    you can start seeing the final result of your ptosis correction surgery.
    Most people will not be able to see that
    you received any eye surgery anymore. After 1 month,
    you can drink alcohol, visit a sauna/spa, wear contact lenses
    and do most activities without restriction.

  • Month 2 ~ 6
    After a couple of months, the final result can be seen.
    Your eyes will look bigger, you will look more awake
    and the eyelid crease will look natural.

Before & After