Main Purpose

: Skin Brightening facial treatment.

The vitamin care treatment is perfect for people who want to brighten their skin or for people who experience acne scarring. It additionally improves uneven skin tone.

During the vitamin (brightening) treatment, your skin will be deeply cleansed, after which a compound of vitamin C and other serums will be applied through the usage of ultrasound. The ultrasound will push the brightening serum much deeper into the skin than if we were to apply it using our hands, making it much more effective than when you use brightening serums or masks at home.

You can brighten your skin better if you combine this treatment with a laser treatment such as Pico Laser.

Vitamin (Brightening) Care Checklist

Vitamin (Brightening) Care is great for people who have :

· Acne Scarring
· Hyperpigmentation · Dull Skin · Uneven Skin · Dead Skin Cells


There is almost no downtime after this procedure. Slight redness might occur. Make-up is possible right after the procedure. You can continue using your skincare.