Main Purpose

: Improves red acne scarring (hyperpigmentation).

Vbeam Laser is the best laser to reduce active acne and hyperpigmentation (red-colored acne scarring).

Vbeam (Acne) reduces the bacteria on the face that cause further inflammation. It also heats the skin around the acne spots, stimulating collagen production and further healing the skin. It helps to reduce the redness associated with acne lesions and scars.

The yellow laser light heats the skin's lower layers, producing collagen and stimulating a healing response. This acts as a new foundation for the skin, reducing scarring and brightening the complexion.

Red acne scarring can be removed safely. V-Beam is a better option than Fraxel for red hyperpigmentation left after acne since it is much less abrasive to the skin.

Vbeam Laser Checklist

This laser is great for people with :

· Active acne and acne scarring
· Red-colored hyperpigmentation (acne scarring) · Sensitive / redness-prone skin


This laser does not have any downtime. After the laser, your skin might turn a little bit red. You will receive soothing aftercare right after the laser so that the redness will be minimal, if present at all. Please moisturize a lot. Make-up is possible immediately after the treatment.