: Tightens pores, improves textured (acne) scarring, improves fine lines, and decreases oiliness and blackheads.

Pores and textured acne scars are very hard to treat by yourself. They cannot be covered easily with makeup and wide pores will produce more sebum, leading to more oiliness and a higher possibility of clogged pores and acne.

The Starlux laser is a fractional laser that goes deep within the skin.

Doing so, your skin will start producing more collagen. Pores will look smaller, fine lines will be diminished, and acne scarring will improve. Furthermore, your skin will produce less oil since your pores are physically shrunken.

Starlux Laser is great for people with :

· Wide pores
· Acne scarring · Oiliness · Fine Lines


There is a slight downtime after this procedure of 1-2 days. Redness might occur. Make-up is possible to apply 3 hours after the procedure. We recommend not drinking, smoking, or performing heavy exercise for 5 days after the procedure. Please moisturize a lot. You should also avoid using any scrubs or exfoliating ingredients for at least 5 days.