Main Purpose

: Improves acne scarring, textured scars, and wide pores with Ultrasound technology

Ultrasound is one of the best treatments in Korea for acne scarring and textured scarring because it delivers ultrasound energy in the deeper layers of the skin where normal laser treatments, such as Fraxel, cannot reach. Using the ultrasound by itself or in combination with other laser procedures will make sure that all layers of the skin will be reached. This combination will make sure that you can expect a better result than if you just do a laser treatment by itself.

The ultrasound 'attacks the deeper layers of the skin, including the SMAS layer. This is the skin layer right above the muscle below the skin. For some period after receiving the Ultrasound procedure, the deeper layers of the skin will generate new collagen and elastin, which will in turn help to smooth out acne scarring and other types of textured scarring.

Ultrasound helps with acne scarring that is textured, such as deep acne scarring. It is also really good at tightening pores. Ultrasound can be used once a month for at least three sessions for the best result.

To ensure a non-painful and relaxed treatment, numbing cream is used before the Ultrasound treatment.

Ultrasound Checklist

Ultrasound is great if you would like to improve :

· Acne scarring
· Wide pores · Textured Scars


There is no visible downtime after this procedure. Slight redness might occur but is rare. Make-up is possible right after the procedure, but please wash it off gently for a couple of days post-procedure. Please moisturize a lot. Final results are seen 3 months after the treatment.