Main Purpose

: improves recurring acne by permanently shrinking the sebaceous gland, the ‘sebum factory’ inside your skin, with the usage of radiofrequency.

The Kobayashi Acne Treatment can permanently stop the overproduction of sebum from the sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands are the part inside your skin where the sebum is produced. Therefore, after using Kobayashi for 2 to 3 sessions, patients can clear their acne significantly. This treatment is good at improving acne that has not benefited from any other treatments, such as oral/topical medications or gentle lasers and peels.

The treatment principle of the Kobayashi Acne Cure Treatment is to use insulated microneedles in the skin. This allows current to flow from these needles without actually damaging the skin. This flow destroys only subcutaneous fat layers where sebaceous glands are located.

The Kobayashi device uses specially designed insulating needles. The Kobayashi insulating needle is very thin. It's so fine that it doesn't feel like anything when it is inserted into the skin. But if you look into the microscope, the tip of the needle is made of white, shiny stainless steel, and the top is brown.

Kobayashi Treatment Checklist

Kobayashi Acne Treatment is great for people who suffer from :

· Persistent acne that cannot be resolved with any other treatment
· Blackheads · Wide Pores


After the treatment, you have to follow the guidelines of the dermatologist. Redness in the areas where the Kobayashi treatment has been used might linger for a couple of days. Please moisturize a lot.