Main Purpose

: Icon laser treats deep (acne) scars, wrinkles, fine lines, wide pores, and other skin texture issues.

Do you suffer from acne scarring, ice pick scarring, wide pores, hyperpigmentation, or dull skin? The Icon is a new laser that is very strong, leading to results even after one session.

It helps to brighten up dull skin, smooth out textured skin, pores, and acne scarring, and even helps with fine lines. This procedure creates even-toned, smooth skin while also improving redness, which includes general redness, acne hyperpigmentation, widened blood vessels, etc.

What are the characteristics of Icon laser?

The doctor can customize the energy used during the Icon Laser treatment so that it will be suitable for your skin. This individually customized treatment reduces side effects, such as pigmentation, and allows effective treatment.

Icon Laser has a powerful cooling system that effectively relieves pain during the procedure, allowing for a comfortable treatment. The epidermis is protected during the treatment, reducing any side effects that you could experience with other lasers.

For some patients, small scabs form on the skin after the treatment. It is important not to pick at them, but to let them fall off naturally. They will fall off by themself if you moisturize your skin well.

Icon Laser Checklist

Icon Laser is effective at treating the following concerns :

· textured (acne) scarring, ice pick scarring, and wide pores
· hyperpigmentation such as acne scarring · vascular lesions such as redness, acne, and capillaries. · brightening dull skin


There is a downtime of around a week. During this period, your skin might be red, slightly swollen, or slightly bruised. Scabs might form in areas with dark pigmentation, but they will fall off naturally within about one week. It is important not to remove the scabs before they fall off. Please do not use exfoliants (including exfoliating acids) or skincare ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol, etc. for about 1 week after the treatment.